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Mouthpieces for EnviteC AlcoQuant

For all breathalysers available in our online shop - including the EnviteC AlcoQuant - you can also buy suitable mouthpieces. On the one hand, we trust in the original mouthpieces of the manufacturers, but above all, we trust in high-quality products from our own production. Our mouthpieces are manufactured exclusively in Europe. We focus on highest quality, because only a mouthpiece of perfect quality ensures 100 percent hygienic safety during the breath alcohol test and a perfect measuring result.

S-type mouthpieces for the EnviteC AlcoQuant

Two different types of mouthpieces are available for the breath alcohol measuring device EnviteC AlcoQuant by the manufacturer Honeywell: The S-type mouthpiece and the D-type mouthpiece. These differ mainly in their shape, whereas the S-type mouthpiece for the AlcoQuant is slightly longer and therefore more popular. Both models are functional and hygienic.

The mouthpieces for EnviteC breathalysers are designed in such a way that it is impossible to suck in air from the device. This is important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. For example, during a series of measurements, where different test candidates are to be tested, the risk of infection can be avoided. The non-return valve of the mouthpiece also prevents attempts at manipulation.

Correct use for hygienic breath alcohol measurement

The mouthpiece S-type, as well as the mouthpiece D-type, are intended for single use. When buying AlcoQuant mouthpieces, please note that a new mouthpiece must be used per person and test. For hygienic reasons, and to avoid faulty measurements due to residual alcohol in the mouthpiece. We recommend not to disinfect, wash out or otherwise clean and reuse the mouthpiece.

The S-type mouthpieces are available from us in bags of 25 pieces. Each mouthpiece is individually hygienically packaged. In addition, the EnviteC S-Type mouthpieces are currently available at a special price for orders of 1000 pieces (1 box with 40 x 25 pieces in a plastic bag).